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Documenting your work with precision.

Artist information for example work shown above is available upon request.

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Zaya Studios has relocated to Denver. We have worked with dozens of artists on the East Coast and are now looking to establish ourselves in our new home. We offer the best image quality available to our clients. Using only top of the line professional photography equipment, with years of experience documenting every artistic medium, we have the gear and knowledge to document your artwork perfectly. Our goal at Zaya Studios is to capture the subtleties of you artwork and showcase its beauty, allowing a natural perception of the work to show through.

  • We bring the photo shoot to you, documenting your work in your own studio. No packing or worrying about damaging your work in transport!

  • Professionally documenting your work is invaluable to presenting yourself as an artist for websites, shows, prints, and much more.

  • We can 100% eliminate all glare from glossy surfaces, allowing the true colors to show through, creating documentation ideal for prints and reproductions.

  • The photographic image may be the first impression many viewers have, let us capture it perfectly. Showcase your art. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule your own photo session. Thank you!

The Process and Pricing

Every work of art is unique, and so is each photo shoot. Let us know the amount of work you need documented along with basic information like size and medium. From there we will be able to get you a quote promptly. Typically, a whole portfolio worth of work can be documented within one session.

Things to consider:

  • Make sure there is open, clutter free space in your studio so we have appropriate room for camera gear and lighting. A few feet in front of and around the work is all that is needed.

  • If you would like to have any background showing in your images, paint and prep the walls or background prior to the photo shoot.

  • Stage and organize your work prior to the shoot so it is easily accessible.