Zaya Studios has relocated to Denver. We have worked with gyms and athletes in the greater Philadelphia area and are now looking to establish ourselves in our new home. Our mission is to capture the essence of the sport and to document everything you have striven so hard for to achieve. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule your own photo session. Thank you!

Gyms Athletes and Bodybuilders
The gym is your member’s haven. Showcase everything you can provide your members and document your athlete’s accomplishments Our work is more than a snapshot, it is a personalized photo shoot to capture and highlight your physique as well as your individuality. 

We have partnered up with gyms in the past to provide:

  • Documentation of their athletes
  • Competition coverage
  • High resolution photography to showcase the equipment and space available to their members
  • Images and layouts for promotional materials
  • Posters for gym decor and motivation

The images we provide will showcase your achievements for a lifetime. The glory will never fade, and your success will never be forgotten.