Zaya Studios is led by Isaiah Ratterman, who holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (BFA) degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Master's of Fine Arts (MFA) from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. The studio encompasses his photography, as well as his fine arts practice, which can be found at www.IsaiahRatterman.com

At Zaya Studios, quality is everything ­­– from the top-of-the-line professional equipment we use to the high-end finished products we deliver. Let Zaya Studios capture the unique moment you are looking for.  Contact us today for pricing and to schedule your own photo shoot. Thank You!



About the Photographer


My life is defined by exploring the world around us through the visual image. In it, I find endless curiosity. There are always new images to explore and creative ways to capture the essence of a subject. I have built my photography company upon a foundation in the fine arts and this is what sets it apart.  I believe photography can have a great transformative power. It should be more than just a snapshot. A photo should create a dialogue, or a narrative, that transforms our view of a subject and freezes a unique moment in time. My goal is to transfer fine arts aesthetic into every shoot.


Raw experience is empty…it is not what one does, but in a manifold sense, what one realizes, that keeps existence from being vain and trivial. Mankind moves about in worlds not realized. Ages hence people may realize more keenly what has happened today than our contemporaries do. It is the artist, the knower, the sayer, who realizes human experience, who takes the raw lump of ore we find in nature, smelts it, refines it, assays it, and stamps it into coins that can pass from hand to hand and make every man who touches them richer. ”                                                                                                                                                                                 

            – Lewis Mumford